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I believe crypto is the future, where almost everyone will be using it because it is more efficient than using intermediaries. The challenge is to make crypto information more digestible and interesting to the public.

I want to be different from other crypto content creators who are often seen sitting in front of their computers explaining technical details.

I’m excited about what I’m trying to create here! I’m calling it the world’s first crypto vlog.
The idea is that ordinary people don’t find crypto very interesting because most of the information is technical, difficult to understand, and they feel it doesn’t apply to their everyday life.

My mission is to help those people understand how crypto is going to affect everything and everyone.

Crypto is going to change the way we do business. In the same way, IOT created billion-dollar businesses in just a few years. Take for example Lime Scooters, a 2-year-old IOT company that is now worth $2 billion. Uber is another example, 10 years old and worth $120 billion.

What do these businesses do and why are they so successful?
These businesses use software applications to act as intermediary parties that buyers and sellers trust. The seller knows they are going to get paid and the buyer feels safer disclosing their credit card details to these intermediary companies.

Blockchain technology (once scalable) will make these businesses obsolete. People won’t need 3rd parties like Uber to conduct these kinds of transactions. They will use blockchain technology, a revolutionary trustless environment can provide these services at a fraction of the cost.

If this global technology is becoming mainstream why should I learn about it now?

  • Because learning about it now speeds up adoption.  
  • You will become better prepared. You will understand what businesses and jobs will be affected by this type of technology, giving you a better understanding of your career, business, or investment paths.
  • You can have your say. Countries will be passing laws, many have already started. It is important that you understand how these laws will affect citizens and vote accordingly.   

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