TenX Crypto Debit Cards

I ordered my TenX card back in 2017.

At the time I already had a crypto debit card but the fees on it were pretty expensive. TenX offered several advantages: cash back, lower fees, and an investment opportunity where I would get a return based on profits from card use. It was too good a deal to pass up.  Unfortunately, Visa terminated their agreement with Wavecrest meaning my current crypto debit card was cancelled and that TenX would no longer be sending me one either.

TenX announced they had a new card partner lined up and would soon be back on track.

Unfortunately, that partnership fell through and I began to wonder if crypto would ever be accepted by these major financial institutions. Would I ever get a Visa or Mastercard for my crypto or would these large organisations shy away from providing financial services to cryptocurrency holders?   

After one and a half years of waiting, I have my TenX card! The card works flawlessly and the TenX app updates instantly with any transactions occurring from the card.

The app allows me to quickly change what cryptocurrency I want to spend. As well as showing me all my crypto balances in dollars.

Currently, TenX is shipping cards in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. You can get further information from their website: TenX.tech 

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