Proof Media

Proof Media is built on RChain and hopes to lead the battle against misleading content on the internet.

To get an invite and receive $50 worth in Proofs, please send me a personal message with your email address. Find me on Facebook: or LinkedIn

Proof Media uses real people and provides monetary compensation for them to do their own research about information online. Users can research, vote, and submit information to Proof Media for verification.

Proof Media does not claim to be foolproof and expects a failure rate (a situation where the majority of voters are wrong) to be around 10%. To counter this failure rate Proof Media will be introducing an appeal process in later versions of their platform.  

Proof Media uses a quadratic voting formula which is designed to disestablish the rich from having the most power on the platform. Although it sounds complicated quadratic voting is really rather simple, it takes the square root of the number proofs placed. Proofs are the platforms own online cryptocurrency token that users use for voting.  

Several measures prevent rigged voting outcomes including anonymous voting, a proprietary (and secret) algorithm, a removal system, and quadratic voting.

In my opinion, Proof Media is likely to achieve a greater degree of accuracy and at less cost than previous fake news filtering systems. Unfortunately, the system does not compare to the scientific standards of peer-reviewed journals.