Make Money by Making Your Own Space In HyperSpace!

In this video I take you step by step through the process of creating a Space in HyperSpace.

Once a user has created a space in HyperSpace they will become the first admin of the space. The admin receives 10% of all AMPs made within this space. There is an option to make multiple admins who will each receive an equal share of this fee.

It costs money to create your own space and the cost is more than what users can accumulate through their Universal Basic Income (UBI). Therefore users wanting to create their own space should consider making some posts in other spaces, or curating some quality content before venturing into their own space.   

Creating a logo and headers can quickly be done using Photoshop, or a free program like Gimp. In the tutorial, I advise that users get images from to ensure that they are royalty free. Google will also give alternative site suggestions should you not be able to find the images you want at Unsplash. Watch the video if you want to know more about this.

Once your space is created your jobs include promoting the space, reviewing posts for quality, ensuring that pending posts are quickly reviewed, and hiring additional admins as this space grows.

It costs 1000 AMP to create a space. You can use inactive AMP for this task. 

Steps to creating a Space  (video below also shows these steps) 

1 – Click “Create New Space” at the bottom of your left hand side menu.

2 – Type in your Space Name and Tagline (must do)

3 – Write a description for the space (optional)

4 – Post Fee, 0 is default but you can change it if you wish

5 – Age Restricted (unticked by default)

6 – Show Pending Posts in the Feed (tick this box)

7 – Click “Upload” and choose a logo

8 – Logo appears now click “Save” (don’t miss this step!)

9 – Drop a file or choose a file

10 – Click “Create”

11 – Some info to get you started appears Click “Got it” and you are done!