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Is Uptrennd the new social media platform that can help you promote your Youtube channel?

Uptrennd is a Reddit variant that pays publishers each time they get an upvote (and yes it costs them money each time they get a downvote!).

It is a centralised platform that uses an ERC20 token called 1UP.

1UP tokens create their value through utility (users wanting to increase their level) and a buy back scheme (where 80% of ad revenue is used to create buy orders on exchanges).   

 As a new user to the platform (level 1) I wondered how much exposure I could get for a recent YouTube video I had made and was surprised to find out that I got 117 views in just 3 days from the platform.

Overall I found Uptrennd to be a positive experience that could benefit all types of influencers!

TenX Crypto Debit Cards

I ordered my TenX card back in 2017.

At the time I already had a crypto debit card but the fees on it were pretty expensive. TenX offered several advantages: cash back, lower fees, and an investment opportunity where I would get a return based on profits from card use. It was too good a deal to pass up.  Unfortunately, Visa terminated their agreement with Wavecrest meaning my current crypto debit card was cancelled and that TenX would no longer be sending me one either.

TenX announced they had a new card partner lined up and would soon be back on track.

Unfortunately, that partnership fell through and I began to wonder if crypto would ever be accepted by these major financial institutions. Would I ever get a Visa or Mastercard for my crypto or would these large organisations shy away from providing financial services to cryptocurrency holders?   

After one and a half years of waiting, I have my TenX card! The card works flawlessly and the TenX app updates instantly with any transactions occurring from the card.

The app allows me to quickly change what cryptocurrency I want to spend. As well as showing me all my crypto balances in dollars.

Currently, TenX is shipping cards in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. You can get further information from their website: 

Proof Media

Proof Media is built on RChain and hopes to lead the battle against misleading content on the internet.

To get an invite and receive $50 worth in Proofs, please use the contact page and mention the Proof Media deal and include your email address.

Proof Media uses real people and provides monetary compensation for them to do their own research about information online. Users can research, vote, and submit information to Proof Media for verification.

Proof Media does not claim to be foolproof and expects a failure rate (a situation where the majority of voters are wrong) to be around 10%. To counter this failure rate Proof Media will be introducing an appeal process in later versions of their platform.  

Proof Media uses a quadratic voting formula which is designed to disestablish the rich from having the most power on the platform. Although it sounds complicated quadratic voting is really rather simple, it takes the square root of the number proofs placed. Proofs are the platforms own online cryptocurrency token that users use for voting.  

Several measures prevent rigged voting outcomes including anonymous voting, a proprietary (and secret) algorithm, a removal system, and quadratic voting.

In my opinion, Proof Media is likely to achieve a greater degree of accuracy and at less cost than previous fake news filtering systems. Unfortunately, the system does not compare to the scientific standards of peer-reviewed journals.  

Make Money by Making Your Own Space In HyperSpace!

In this video I take you step by step through the process of creating a Space in HyperSpace.

Once a user has created a space in HyperSpace they will become the first admin of the space. The admin receives 10% of all AMPs made within this space. There is an option to make multiple admins who will each receive an equal share of this fee.

It costs money to create your own space and the cost is more than what users can accumulate through their Universal Basic Income (UBI). Therefore users wanting to create their own space should consider making some posts in other spaces, or curating some quality content before venturing into their own space.   

Creating a logo and headers can quickly be done using Photoshop, or a free program like Gimp. In the tutorial, I advise that users get images from to ensure that they are royalty free. Google will also give alternative site suggestions should you not be able to find the images you want at Unsplash. Watch the video if you want to know more about this.

Once your space is created your jobs include promoting the space, reviewing posts for quality, ensuring that pending posts are quickly reviewed, and hiring additional admins as this space grows.

It costs 1000 AMP to create a space. You can use inactive AMP for this task. 

Steps to creating a Space  (video below also shows these steps) 

1 – Click “Create New Space” at the bottom of your left hand side menu.

2 – Type in your Space Name and Tagline (must do)

3 – Write a description for the space (optional)

4 – Post Fee, 0 is default but you can change it if you wish

5 – Age Restricted (unticked by default)

6 – Show Pending Posts in the Feed (tick this box)

7 – Click “Upload” and choose a logo

8 – Logo appears now click “Save” (don’t miss this step!)

9 – Drop a file or choose a file

10 – Click “Create”

11 – Some info to get you started appears Click “Got it” and you are done!

Dragon King a Blockchain Game

Blockchain games like Dragon King are not decentralized. They run through a central server that transmits data to the blockchain. Some would wonder so what is the point? It does mean everything you buy in the game is stored on the blockchain, in other words, you really own it and are free to sell all of your virtual game assets to others.

The problem with running on a centralized server is that if the website gets taken down, your game assets will have no value. Some blockchain developers such as Kitty Core the developers of CryptoKitties are working towards making their games open source. This means even if the website gets taken down others will be able to reinstall it at a different web address.

Dragon King adds to CryptoKitties by not only giving players the opportunity to own game creatures but also their game skills. Yes, this makes it a pay-to-win game, and pay-to-win is often something that gamers hate. But has this hatred of pay-to-win features just come from video game companies themselves? Haven’t they been marketing a message hatred towards the selling of gaming accounts, regarding it as cheating and pushing themselves as protecting the rights of honest players? All the while gamers have given up their rights to work and be paid for their efforts in the virtual gaming world.

Blockchain games recognise anything you buy as your property, and not the property of the gaming company. Just like in the real world when you own something, you are allowed to sell it.  

This could bring us into an exciting future where more people play games for a living. 

Understand that we are not there yet, but with each blockchain game created comes improvements and new ideas. I feel the future is just around the corner and I can’t wait.