Build a Gaming Computer from a Mining Motherboard

Let’s talk about one of my most popular videos right now (I think my TenX video might surpass it soon!). It’s how to build a gaming computer with an Asus B250 Mining Expert Motherboard. You see I pre-ordered these B250 motherboards expecting to order graphics cards after they arrived.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way, I had problems withdrawing my crypto funds. Then the market crashed and mining became way less profitable. So I had parts just sitting in boxes and decided to build this, a gaming PC from an Asus B250 Mining Expert motherboard that I had left over.

The graphics card I used is GTX1070, which I just took this from my 13 GPU rig, making it a 12 GPU rig. This hardly makes any difference in mining profits right now.

Here is a list of the parts that I used for this build:


  • Intel (BX80677I57500) i5-7500 Kaby Lake, 3.40GHz(Turbo 3.80GHz) 4x Cores, 4x Threads, 6MB Cache, 65W, 14nm, Socket LGA1151 (buy)
  • 16GB ELITE DDR4, Desktops DDR4 RAM, Unbuffered-Dimm, 2400MHz, 1.2V, Lifetime Warranty. (buy)
  • Segotep 600W Power Supply 80+ Gold PFC ATX 12V (3 Year warranty, MEPS ready) Retail Box (buy)
  • Asus B250 Mining Expert Motherboard (stock)
  • Gigabyte gtx1070 (stock)
  • Gigabyte Chassis Case (stock)
  • 500GB Harddrive (stock)
  • 240GB Solid State Drive (stock)
  • A cheap copy of Windows 10 purchased off eBay (buy)      

Things I already had have been marked (stock) and things I brought are marked (buy).

This video might be helpful for people because most of the parts I am using here can be picked up cheap now from people getting out of mining.

This computer could be easily converted back to a rig if mining became really profitable again.  

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